The computer center was established ever since the school was built in 1989. Its main goal was to manage the mainframe resources in the preliminary stage. Soon after July, 1992, the campus was moved to Min-Hsiung area. Its goal was then shifted to construct the information infrastructure and campus network. Faculties, staffs, and students can, therefore, employ and use the computing and network resources, on and off campus, domestic and international. Since the establishment of NII (National Information Infrastructure) project, there are more demands on various digital information processing. The responsibilities of computer center are not only managing mainframe systems and campus network, but also providing auto administration application systems, Yulin and Chiayi area network services, experimental network construction, and electronic official document systems. We also need to plan for the revolution of teaching and research work in the network era for university, especially in both the distance learning and network learning. Based on the above considerations, the missions of computer center were formulated as below:

  1. Developing and managing the computing resources for teaching and research by all faculties, staffs and students
  2. Planning and developing campus computer network for fast and stable information transmission
  3. Promoting and managing the campus administration automation and digitalization
  4. Building up distance learning environment for class exchange between different schools
  5. Assisting the construction of outbound network for schools and governmental units in Yunlin and Chaiyi area
  6. Providing information and computing training courses to cultivate necessary specialty for schools, business organizations and governmental units in Yunlin and Chiayi area

    The major challenge we will face in the near future is the advancement of information technology. In addition to focus on the strengthening of our current tasks, we also plan to form the technical team in the future. This white book shows an integrated, well-formatted plan for the future. We hope that the computer center can provide all the users on campus and in near areas with the best computing and network resources more effective and efficient in the next ten years for the coming of information era.

  1. Maintaining the present network connection and hardware, promoting the current network usage, and providing academic and research information demand
  2. Strengthening the network management and monitoring to protect from any malicious or hacker acts
  3. Promoting the effective usage of IBM SP2 mainframe, facilitating the cooperation with National High-Speed Computer center, and increasing and expanding the available computing resources
  4. Promoting the usage of distance learning and videoconferencing, increasing the connection nodes with us, and facilitating the academic cooperation and communication internationally
  5. Combining and formulating our technical team with the following 5 respects:

    • Database Design
    • Internet Application
    • Medium to Mainframe System Management.
    • Multimedia Videoconference and Audio-Video Broadcasting
    • High-Speed Network and Management.

  6. Partially completing the auto administration application system, adapting to the necessary modification according to the administrative functions and management
  7. According to the current governmental policies, assisting the construction and management of the connection between the regional network center and primary or high school in the Yunlin and Chiayi area

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